With a clinical staff made up with the best professionals of the region, MONPORTO® can offer the main otorhinolaryngology surgeries. They are surgical procedures that involve diseases related to ear, nose, and throat, among others.

These surgeries can be carried out to treat a wide variety of conditions, from benign problems to more complex conditions that many times require agility and efficiency.

Monporto® is apt to the care of surgeries like tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy; functional endoscopic sinus surgery; throat surgery; hearing implant surgery, among others. Moreover, the hospital is fully equipped and qualified for the care of procedures to the childhood and youth area, where many of these cases are found.

With a quality hotel service, it can accordingly, and at the right cost, take care of all preparations for surgeries and services required, and also provide all the needs of clinical exams with a highly qualified Diagnostic Imaging Center (DIC). The Day-Hospital, with is facilities of mini-suite, easy check-in and check-out, offers more comfort to postoperative with great cost-benefit.